February 16, 2011

Pomegranates 101

Pomegranates are tasty, unique, and 100% good for you. The problem is that they are a pain in the butt to eat. There just seems to be no easy way to get all of those delicious seeds out of the fruit and into your mouth without staining your entire kitchen red... UNTIL NOW! I made a life-changing discovery this year, and I now have a tasty pomegranate snack at least twice a week. (I also happen to live in a neighborhood with a bunch of mexican supermarkets, where pomegranates are regularly a buck each - what a steal!) And now, I will divulge my awesome new discovery to all of you!

STEP ONE: Grab your pomegranate. Put it in a bowl or dish or something, because juice is gonna come out and it will stain anything it touches.

STEP TWO: Slice the very top of the pomegranate off - just enough to get down to the fruit inside.

STEP THREE: See how the fruit in the photo above is sectioned, almost like an orange? Take your knife and slice down each of those sections.

STEP FOUR: Eat up! The white pith is now just sitting atop six sections of yummy seeds waiting to be devoured. You can pick the seeds out, or just pull the pith off each section and eat it like an orange slice! I like to eat over a bowl so that I can catch all of the awesome juice as well - it's great for drinking, drizzling on ice cream, or dying frosting. (I might have used pomegranate juice once to make flesh-colored buttercream for a certain *ahem* bachelorette party cake...)

Just be sure to keep a napkin handy that you don't care too much about... 'cause it is gonna be pink in about 5 minutes... which is how long it took me to eat this pomegranate. Yum.

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