February 16, 2011

Pomegranates 101

Pomegranates are tasty, unique, and 100% good for you. The problem is that they are a pain in the butt to eat. There just seems to be no easy way to get all of those delicious seeds out of the fruit and into your mouth without staining your entire kitchen red... UNTIL NOW! I made a life-changing discovery this year, and I now have a tasty pomegranate snack at least twice a week. (I also happen to live in a neighborhood with a bunch of mexican supermarkets, where pomegranates are regularly a buck each - what a steal!) And now, I will divulge my awesome new discovery to all of you!

STEP ONE: Grab your pomegranate. Put it in a bowl or dish or something, because juice is gonna come out and it will stain anything it touches.

STEP TWO: Slice the very top of the pomegranate off - just enough to get down to the fruit inside.

STEP THREE: See how the fruit in the photo above is sectioned, almost like an orange? Take your knife and slice down each of those sections.

STEP FOUR: Eat up! The white pith is now just sitting atop six sections of yummy seeds waiting to be devoured. You can pick the seeds out, or just pull the pith off each section and eat it like an orange slice! I like to eat over a bowl so that I can catch all of the awesome juice as well - it's great for drinking, drizzling on ice cream, or dying frosting. (I might have used pomegranate juice once to make flesh-colored buttercream for a certain *ahem* bachelorette party cake...)

Just be sure to keep a napkin handy that you don't care too much about... 'cause it is gonna be pink in about 5 minutes... which is how long it took me to eat this pomegranate. Yum.

February 3, 2011

Exercise Guilt

I was supposed to go to Bikram tonight. But by the time I got home and walked the pup and ate some dinner, it just wasn't gonna happen. So I opted to watch a very interesting/depressing documentary on credit card debt in America, then hopped on my spin bike at about 9pm.

What I overlooked in this plan is that 9pm is normally puppy time. So this is what I viewed over the handlebars of my spin bike:

Mom? Mom, when are you gonna be done so we can snuggle? Mom?

Okay, I'm just gonna take a nap here until you're done.

Have I mentioned how much I adore my dog? He has so much personality it kills me. He's also just so darn cute that it was really hard to stay on that bike for an hour. But I did. And when I got off, Richie looked up, walked out of the room, and went to bed.

That is one special dog.

February 2, 2011

Thundersnowpocalypse 2011: We're in a Movie!

So... you know how two-thirds of the United States was hit with the storm of the century last night? Well, this girl and her husband chose to venture out in that nonsense for something very important: a movie date. Okay, it wasn't just ANY movie date - it was the Chicago screening of this indie film that we worked on when we lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan three hundred years ago. It's been getting some awesome recognition around the country and at film festivals, so we've been waiting and waiting to see it. Amazingly, more than a handful of people braved the elements to see the film, and we had a great time. Adrian had an actual role in the film with lines and everything, and has some awesome moments - he can even be seen in the film's trailer! (That would be him saying "She's hot... and old... and hot!")

I was an extra on the film, which I found to be hilarious, as we were supposed to be portraying college freshmen. All of the other extras were actual college undergrads, while I was the random 28-year-old who was really just there to hang out with her boyfriend. They kept putting me waaaaaay in the back of scenes and grouping young hot chicks around the leads - I even asked at one point if they wanted me to play an R.A. rather than a student - but to my surprise, I can be seen in more than a few scenes! It was amazing! It also made me miss my long hair reeeeeeeal bad, because it looked DAMN cute on-screen. But the best part of the evening, I think, was seeing both of our names in the credits. There was something undeniably cool about seeing your name on a big movie screen.

But the movie was not the extent of our evening. We then had to get HOME... and let me tell ya, the five miles back to our apartment have never before seemed so daunting. First of all, that blizzard was no joke. Snow was flying in every direction, drifts were already up to our knees, buses were sideways in the streets... it was not pretty. So, after trekking the 6 blocks back to the train, we thought we were home free... that is, until we tried to transfer trains and were told that no more trains were going north. Whaaa? We went to wait for a shuttle, which seemed to be mass confusion, then decided to walk two blocks over and wait for a bus, which the CTA Bus Tracker had no arrival times for. In other words, "You're outta luck, kids." So we trudged back to the train platform, just in time to hear the CTA dude shout that the last train going north was leaving RIGHT NOW. He opened the gate, the masses poured through, and we hopped on the last red line of the night. However, once in Rogers Park, the fun began again - the sidewalks were an unplowed field of white; the snow was over our knees at some points. We stopped to help a dude get his car out of its spot (only in states of emergency will a stranger tell you to drive his Caddy in Chicago), then made it the final two blocks home. A pile of drenched clothes later, and we both agreed that we were glad to have had the adventure, or we might be one of those people who bitch about it "not being all that bad" without actually having experienced the full force that nature was exerting on our city.

We took the pup out this morning (okay, this afternoon - snow days make getting out of bed in a timely manner REALLY difficult) I shot some video of the neighborhood. It is absolutely unreal. Neither Adrian or I have ever experienced winter weather like this. Our car is buried up to the windows, there are 5-foot drifts in some parts of the neighborhood, and Richie kept disappearing under snow banks. Ya wanna see it? You can!

Crazypants, right? And isn't our dog adorable? He was having a total blast!

Anyhoo. Now we are indoors, and warm, and sitting down to some chicken and homemade foccacia and red wine. Later, we might watch "Anchorman." What more could one ask from a snow day?

January 15, 2011


Remember that resolution where I was going to update my blog regularly? Somehow, between work travel and auditions and house cleaning and sleep, that got away from me. We are now two weeks in to the new year and I am failing miserably. And really, posting about not posting is just a lame-o excuse. I promise to get better. Cross my heart and hope to die.

In other New Year's Resolution news: I have not had one sip of pop, even though a good friend of mine forced me to WALK AROUND HOLDING HER CUP OF DIET DR. PEPPER at one point last week. I didn't take a single sip, so willpower won the day! I also spent this afternoon sorting through a gigantic stack of sheet music that has hidden in a drawer in our guest room for the last year, and found a ton of amazing pieces that will definitely be making their way into my cabaret. I also may have belted out "A Piece of Sky" fifteen times in a row after finding the music today... my apologies to the neighbors.

In other news, I would like to point out that it has been exactly one month since Adrian and I got rid of cable, and I am glad to say that I really don't miss it one bit. They say you don't know what you've got until it's gone, but I feel exactly the opposite. I really thought I would go nuts without Top Chef and the Food Network and Sunday marathons of Family Guy, but I've realized that they really mean very little to me. I catch up on my 30 Rock viewing online, and spend the rest of my time watching movies & obscure television shows on Netflix On Demand. Oh, the discoveries you can make on Netflix! In the last week, I have viewed:

Gavin & Stacey (Rom-Com BBC television series - very cute)
Fry & Laurie (BBC sketch comedy with Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry - fantastic!)
Zach Galifianakis Live (H-I-larious)
Pillars of the Earth (OK, this was my second time through this miniseries. Go watch it now. Seriously.)
The Bounty Hunter (Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler are hot... and that's about all that's good about this film.)
David Cross Live (Loooooove this man!)
The Science of Sex Appeal (From the Discovery Channel - all of their shows are fascinating!)
Party Down (Have you seen this? I might have watched all of Season 2 in one sitting. It's that funny.)
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (NPH FTW!!!)

My many thanks to X-Box Live for making this viewing possible. And for Tetris. And Call of Duty: Black Ops (it makes my husband happy). Amen.